About this Blog

While I intend to write broadly about cyberculture and topics found at the intersection of technology, culture, and philosophy, the impetus behind the creation of this blog and the central subject of my musings is Google's Project Glass and the initial public test of the Explorer Edition of the company's eyeglass-style, augmented reality wearable computing platform.

In an effort to attract a group of early adopters to publicly test the device and gain critical feedback about both the hardware itself and potential software applications that could extend its utility, Google announced its Glass Explorer program in February of 2013, seeking "bold, creative individuals who want to join us and be a part of shaping the future of Glass." I decided to submit an application:
#ifihadglass , the technology would shape my running, teaching, and parenting. I’d record mudpit crossings during a 50-mile ultramarathon, illustrate augmented reality for my college cyberpunk class, and capture hands-on activities with my daughters, documenting my discoveries in a specially-created blog and exploring neuroplasticity, technophilia, and convergence.
I received a response from the Project Glass team on March 27, 2013 inviting me to be a part of the roughly 8,000-person Explorer program, what amounts to a beta test group (although that term has not appeared in Google's public statements, to my knowledge).  I picked up my Glass unit in San Francisco in July 2013 and completed my first 50-mile ultramarathon with the device in September.

I have also gotten my hands on several other high-tech gadgets, many through Kickstarter, and am anticipating the delivery of others. The Fitbit One and Basis band fitness and activity trackers, Recon Jet heads-up display/wearable computing device, Narrative (formerly known as Memoto) lifelogging camera, Melon relaxation and focus-tracking headband, and NFC Ring are among these other digital gizmos I will be testing and experimenting with.